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Travel a journey that leaves its mark

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Tailor-made Morocco

Delve into the heart of Morocco through a tailor-made experience. Visit imperial cities with palaces and mosques of your dreams. Travel through time by immersing yourself in historic Kasbashs. Let yourself be captivated by the magic of the desert while the sand caresses your feet. Share unique moments with nomadic families in the shade of a traditional haima. Let yourself be embraced by the starry sky of the Sahara desert. Feel the warm welcome of the Berbers around the campfire and discover nomadic legends to the rhythm of the drums. Discover Morocco’s refreshing coastline. Soak up the diversity of the country by taking a personalised tour of Morocco.

Would you like to start building your adventure? Contact us! We advise you without obligation!

Morocco contains a great treasure: its diversity! This makes it a destination with endless options for travelling souls.

From Viajando Marruecos, we invite you to take a look at our examples of tailor-made routes / tours and personalised excursions so that you can get an idea of the possibilities that the country has to offer. If you prefer, you can contact us directly to receive advice and, together, we can start designing your trip to Morocco. Villages whose tribes still respect ancient traditions, nomadic families happy to share their way of understanding the world with visitors, a varied geography of mountains, dunes, waterfalls, caves and paradisiacal beaches that stretch along the coast. Tell us what you would like to experience and what your preferences are, and we will build the experience to suit you, even with the possibility of adding a special touch.
The options in Morocco are endless… Morocco is waiting for you, how do you want to feel it?

Find out what our travellers think in trip advisor:

“One of the best trips of my life.
Everything was great, the treatment was spectacular and everything we saw and the guide (MBarek, who was super attentive) made us enjoy a very good experience”.

Ferrán C., Spain

“I didn’t want a typical tour of Morocco, I wanted to experience Morocco. They understood how I wanted to see it… And it was amazing! I would like to go back and experience it a thousand times! And I will, for sure…”

Laura R. Mira, Spain

“It was a fantastic tour. They have shown us beautiful places, a special and very personal treatment. If you want to go to Morocco and you want a non-conventional tour, a personal treatment and made to your interests and needs, these are your guys!!! Really highly recommended!”

Marta F., Spain

“Hami as a guide is amazing, besides being nice and friendly he adapted to our needs at all times making the time spent in the car enjoyable and comfortable. We felt as if we were members of his family. I would recommend 100%. And many thanks to MBarek for the management and for being attentive to us at all times. We will come back for sure.”

Cuatro P., Spain

“I travelled alone to Morocco and at first I was very expectant. But Barak, the organiser, did an excellent job. He is very professional, serious and efficient. He exceeded my expectations and confirmed that finding a tailor-made itinerary allowed me to make the trip of my dreams on my own, without the pressure of groups and stopping whenever something caught my attention along the way.”

matecava, Lima, Perú.

| Who we are

Viajando Marruecos is more than just a travel agency, we are a small family with nomadic roots that understands travel as a philosophy of life and sees in it the opportunity to leave a mark on society, both locally and internationally through travellers and host population. We want to promote local empowerment and, at the same time, accompany travellers on an adventure that will allow them to discover our country, its cultures and diversity through unique places and experiences that only those of us who have grown up in these places know. Fostering understanding between cultures, ethnicities, thoughts…
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Would you like to volunteer?

Collaborate with our solidarity associations in the desert villages and be the change you want to see in the world.

Our main initiative is cultural exchange. Both for volunteers and locals through music, dance, painting and above all teaching to improve the standard of living and develop the skills of families without resources. Collaborate in our education, autonomy and human rights and infrastructure projects or tell us how you would like to help, we will be happy to hear new proposals.